Future Visions

I worked on this piece when my mind was peaceful. Taking my time and looking to the future. The outer strands are hand crafted out of the finest Argentium Silver and then fashioned into a classic "Full Persian Weave". The center row is constructed of hand picked onyx stones separated by silver beads.
Custom built to your size specifications - $150.00

Christmas Dreams

Created for an artists daughter for Christmas 2007. Classic Byzantine weave is done in sterling silver. Connectors are 14/20 gold filled square rings. Finshed with a pendant of silver and gold rings.
Custom built to your size specifications - $150.00

Silver & Onyx Dreams

This necklace was created for a long time customer. Both strands are made of hand coiled and cut Argentium Silver and then arranged in a "Full Persian" weave. The outer strand incorporates onyx stones and the inner strand contains a beautiful onyx crystal capped in silver.
Custom built to your size specifications - $350.00