This stunning set was created using Argentium silver and Gold filled rings. Hand coiled and cut, each ring fitted individually. The ring and bracelet are done in the classic HP 4-1 weave. The ring is a continual weave with no breaks in the pattern. The bracelet is finished with a gold filled safety clasp in a heart shape. The ear rings are a barrel weave also done in Argentium silver and Gold fill and are finished off with a small pearl.

Kelley's Cross

This piece has been woven in the classic Full Persian weave using a very tight aspect ratio. All rings were hand formed and cut using the finest gold filled wire. The finished product has been hung on a 1mm gold filled "Snake" chain.

Silver Diamonds

This magnificient bracelet has been fashion out of Argentium silver that has be specially rolled to form a diamond shaped ring. This allows for a tremendous amount of sparkle to this piece.
Please inquire for pricing. This bracelet is made custom to the buyers specifications. I can make it from Argentium silver or Gold Filled.